Cleaning church pews? What is in your furniture polish can?


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Take a few moments reading and we will clear some of the myths surrounding furniture oils, waxes cleaners and polishes.

The furniture polish label may say Lemon Oil and Wax but does it really? Yes, maybe and no, you must read the ingredient label on the back of the can. You may find out like we did at one of our last jobs that the can label did not match the ingredients!

Double click the pictures above and see for yourself. The can in picture above contained emulsified silicone and deionized water. This can contained no lemon oil or wax as advertised on the front of the can's label. Silicone shines nice but is one of the worst chemicals to contaminate the entire church and may cause costly repair and refinishing problems later.

My polish that I use on church pews works fine why should I change? If the polish contains wax, silicone or lemon oil throw it out. None of these polish ingredients belong on polyurethane or lacquer finished pews.

What kind of wood polish should I use? None!  The pews do not need to be polished. If they are kept clean the finish should be shiny after a good cleaning. If it looks similar to the picture above no polish or cleaner will renew this finish. The finish is worn off the wood and it needs stripping and refinishing.

Should I use Murphy's Oil Soap on my wood pews? No we do not recommend wood soap of any kind. Remember water and vegetable oil soap is not good on "finished" wood pews.

Which wax or oil do your wood pews need? None. We are often told that the wood needs nourished or that it is dried out. This is not true for polyurethaned or lacquered finished wood pews. The wood surface is actually sealed by the finish.

Can I oil or rejuvenate my wood? No it is the finish that needs cleaning not the wood. If the pew is finished, the wood cannot be oiled or rejuvenated. Rejuvenation oils refer to open grain woods without a finish. 

What am I supposed to be doing with my old polish? Throw it out!  

We recommend a true cleaner polish that cleans off lemon oils, waxes, dust, dirt, sweat and hand oils from the finished surface leaving behind a miniscule amount of oil to leave a shine on your glossy pews.

Why is it important to use a cleaner polish on church pews? Residues from hands and sweat on clothing may be alkaline or acid or both. Sometime medicines in the sweat secrete through the clothes into the finish and cause damage to the finish. This is seen as body imprints in the finish. Hand oils left on the surface removes even the best of finishes. This is often seen on the top rail, arm or hand rest where the stain and finish is often missing because the hand oils deteriorated the finish down to bare wood. (double click picture above)

Is there a Cleaner Polish that will leave the lacquer and polyurethane clean and prevent sweat and oil damage? Yes and we have it along with the special labor saving cleaning towels.

Has your Church Board already determined to reupholster and refinish their church's pews? We can make your church pews feel clean and welcoming!  

Ask us how we can inspire your congregation to support your church pew project and it will not cost your church a red cent!

We cover the entire United States for church and wood pew restoration if your church needs assistance please call David Erickson at 502-599-0020.


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If you see your church pew finish has been compromised, give us a call or email David for a free no obligation inspection and quote.

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