Kitchen Cabinets: Do They Need Replaced Or Refinished or Refaced


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New Contractor installed ? Reface? Hand paint? Sears or Home Depot franchise finishing? Or upgrade and get a Wood Doctors factory finish.?


Here's what you need to know about these 5 options, you make up your own mind. 


1: Contractor Tearing your old kitchen cabinets out and getting new custom cabinets?

How much time do you have to spend on this project. How long do you want your house and kitchen in disarray while the old is tore out.  Usually drywall, painting, plumbing, floors have to be replaced. Counters and backslash need to be replaced too. Now you have tripled the actual cost of cabinets themselves.

To replace is always going to be three times more expensive. Good return on investment.

2:   Refacing has it's place. We don't  knock that process, but we don't  like plastic, formica or veneer on face frames or end panels. We believe cost is high. And it does not give the best value for the dollar spent.

Second most expensive option about half the cost of full replacement. 

3:   Hand painting cabinets.  There are many do it yourself videos on the Web on how to paint your cabinets. The truth never seems to be told on those stories. The actual truth is most turn into a nightmare. In real life they are a mess and the home value has diminished. If you don't  have any money, your cabinets are cheap to begin with and you have a lot of time on your hands go for it. This website and factory finish is not for you. Go knock yourself out and good luck. 

Lowest cost, home value negative return.

4:   Home Depot and Sears offer Kitchen Renew and other  similar franchise pro kitchen finishing.  They apply brush on or wipe on finishes with hocus pocus finish processes, moderate cost and financing that promise no odors.

They promise quality work but NEVER GUARANTEE IN WRITING A FACTORY FINISH. You will pay a hefty some for not much more than a do it yourself hand painted finish. No return on investment value and sometimes a negative return on investment. The samples of their work that I have seen were amateur and had crud in the finish. The esthetic appeal is rougher than a factory finish.

33% less cost than refacing and In my opinion the worst value for the money.


5:   Wood Doctors promises and guarantees in writing, factory applied finishes and top quality workmanship.  If needed new upgraded finished drawer boxes, solid wood doors, and matching drawer fronts. New top quality soft close drawer slides and hinges. New knobs and handles if needed. Everything like new. Written 3 year finish warranty. 

Better value and In most case scenarios less than refacing, less than a third  of the cost of new Contractor installed cabinets, increased home value and best bang for the buck! 

If you are thinking about re-painting your kitchen cabinets there are many of ways that it can be done. There are very few right ways to do it and many wrong ways to do it.  But any way you look at it a factory kitchen refinish job is going to be much less expensive, less time consuming and much less mess, let me tell you why. First the old cabinets do not have to be torn out and new reinstalled. That says a lot all in its self!  This means less damage to existing walls and floor covering, paint and plumbing, for sure granite counter tops Can stay where they are at. 

Lets talk about Quality and long lasting.

Why is it that all the new kitchen cabinets have a sprayed on lacquer finish like Wood Doctors? Why don't they have Water base wipe on finishes or hand painted cabinets coming out of factories. The Answer is simple and two fold. They don't look as nice and get dirty easier than factory lacquer finishes.

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