Kitchen Cabinets: Do They Need Replaced Or Refinished


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Are you thinking about tearing your old kitchen cabinets out and getting new? Are you thinking about refinishing your kitchen cabinets? Maybe you want to paint them rather than put on a factory lacquer?

Here's what you need to know about these three things we just mentioned. 


1: Tearing your old kitchen cabinets out and getting new?

There are many factors to think on when choosing to do this. How much time do you have to spend on this project or how long do you want your house and kitchen in disaray while old is tore out and new is made and placed.  Usually walls need repaired, painting needs done, water lines can break, gas lines need special care and even floors might have to be replaced. You have tripled the actual cabinet expense.

2:  Do you have granite counter tops?

Cabinet makers usually will have to remove the existing granite that you have but the risk is really high that your stone will break while removing and reinstalling which in turn could result in the home owner having to purchase new counter tops adding thousands of dollars to the bill.

Last But Not Least To Replace Is Always Going To Be The More Expensive.

3:   Are you thinking about Refinishing your Kitchen Cabinets? Maybe you want to paint your kitchen cabinets rather than put on a factory lacquer.


If you are thinking about re-painting your kitchen cabinets there are many of ways that it can be done. There are very few right ways to do it and many wrong ways to do it.  But any way you look at it a factory kitchen refinish job is going to be much less expensive, less time consuming and much less mess, let me tell you why. First the old cabinets do not have to be torn out and new reinstaled. That says a lot all in its self!  This means less damage to existing walls and floor covering, paint, electric, water and gas pipes don't need messed with, for sure granite counter tops have no risk of breaking. 

Lets talk about Quality and long lasting.

Okay Lets think about this a little bit why is it that all the new kitchen cabinets that we buy have a clear lacquer or a colored lacquer sprayed on finish ? Why don't they have Water base wipe on finishes, hand painted cabinets coming out of factorys. The Answer is simple and two fold They either don't look as nice so they wouldn't be able to sell them or the painted cabinets would get dirty and sticky and the color will wear off much sooner than factory colored lacquer or factory clear top coats finishes.

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