The Stained Truth In Advertising


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The Stained Truth About *PolyShades Finish Advertising
I was reading the other day in a magazine and came across this add for a brush on, all-in-one polyurethane and stain product called PolyShades. It says in the add "you can go from unfinished to finished in just one step
First of all I noticed as a professional finisher that the photoshoped picture showed a brush applying a mahogany stain across a table top. Looking at the add closely Poly Shades polyurethane did not look like stain when I applied it to my wife's bookcase 20 years ago, because when you have stain added to poly it appears shiny when wet applied, it does not look like the freshly applied mahogany stain pictured in the add. Another noticeable difference is that we could not see clearly the real wood under the project after the required coats. And the most obvious untruth is that the job is never finished on the first coat as Minwax wants you to believe in the add. True to advertised the finish is durable, but less than desirable than professional lacquer finish.
We see many failures of DYI projects come across our shop floor. Many of these products like the one pictured don't always portray the whole truth about finishing. ONCE YOU START, YOU ARE FINISHING headlines gives a perspective that the finish can be applied over raw wood with no preparation. This is an untruth, 95% of the work that goes into finishing is wood preparation.
Complaints of PolyShades include that they cannot be touched up if damaged, only stripped and refinished. When coats are applied to hide sand thru damage then that piece appears murky. If that area had been a step on a stair case or table top then it will stand out and require correction which means finish stripping. Even painters make mistakes in new homes and the whole mess has to be stripped off and started over costing thousands of more dollars to properly correct. Or worse the painter convinces you the customer it is ok to leave it alone and pay for inferior 
There is no substitute for the REAL thing when it comes to the 14 step finishing. Prepare the wood by repairing defects, sanding, dyeing, staining, sealing and CLEAR finish coatings. Stain in the finish only muddies the real beauty underneath it. Stained wood that is clear coated with lacquer is by far the superior approach to wood finishing.
When you are looking for furniture refinishing or wood door refinishing in Louisville KY you need a finishing expert who knows what a real finish is and what type of finish should be used on a project.
We believe that a product sells itself and this website has many examples of work we have done. We hope that you can see that our efforts to portray our craftsmanship in photo, is what our customers really get. When you get it done right you only pay once.
Thank you for reading,
David Erickson
*PolyShades is a trademarked product of Minwax