What is an "Honest Antique Repair"?


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I was watching one of those antique shows on TV: someone brought in a small antique table for an appraisal. A portion of a leg was missing. Well, the table turned out to be worth a small fortune, but first, they had to find that missing leg. They rummaged around in this guy's attic and garage for about an hour and fortunately, the leg showed up.Then, the next step was to get it repaired by a professional antique restorer. The repair was to be featured on the show.

Hey! I liked this!  I would get to see this break put back together. Maybe I could pick up some helpful tips about blending a repair to look nearly invisible.

They were talking about doing an honest repair on this leg, hey, that's what we do too. An honest repair, it is real and permanent and it is near invisible. That's what all our customers in Louisville Kentucky and Indiana want, is an "honest repair". 

So far I thought we were on the same page, but that's where things got ugly. Mr. Keno explained to the restorer he wanted an "honest repair" that was obviously visible. What!  Not invisible, why? Because the antique collectors wanted to see the repair and know it had been fixed. The restorer proceeded to drill a hole through both parts of the leg. Then he proceeded to whittle a stick, to put it into the hole with some glue and then snapped it off.

I nearly fell off my chair! Now that's ugly! Yep, I can see it from across the yard. We call that a "Ten Yard Repair". It means it is still ugly 30 feet away.

It has been several years since I have seen this show, but it is like a poke in the eye, you never forget the experience.

This "honest repair" procedure does not make any common sense. When you add a nail, stick or drill a hole or remove a really old finish anywhere on a valuable antique in it's original condition, you may damage it's value. So what was the purpose of the repair in New York City? I hope not an example for us here in Metro Louisville or anywhere else for that matter. What do you think? Let me know, contact me and give me your thoughts.



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