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The Stained Truth In Advertising

What adds say and portray are not always as pictured..."You can go from unfinished to finished in just one step"

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Pew Refinishing

Pew refinishing can revitalize the whole Church interior.

Steamer Trunk Restoration

Full Leather and Wood Restoration on a unique heirloom steamer trunk.

Onsite Kitchen Refinishing Louisville Ky. Video

Onsite Kitchen Cabinet Color Change Video Louisville Kentucky. As you can see on the video, we thoroughly mask and clean the cabinets, before the refinishing process starts. The objective is to get a near factory like opaque lacquer finish on the cabinets that does NOT look like house paint. Our waterbase finishes are KCMA approved. The Kitchen Manufactures Association approves Wood Doctors Finishes used on our jobs. This is the highest standard in the kitchen cabinet industry for finishing materials. The other guys do not talk about that because they advertise a super duper product on their videos and then put Porter house paint on your cabinets. This is truly the smart alternative to Cabinet Painters.

Are You Tired Of Old Worn Out Pews?

Pew Refinishing Can Revitalize's Your Whole Church Interior.

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door finish gone wrong

Kitchen Cabinets: Do They Need Replaced Or Refinished or Refaced

If you do not like your stained kitchen color get it refinished. It is possible to get a new factory finish, on your existing kitchen cabinets. We also upgrade your kitchen with new top quality hardware such as ball bearing soft close slides, soft close hinges, new finished drawer boxes, solid wood doors and drawers,knobs and handles if needed. The look and feel of a top quality custom kitchen. A Wood Doctors factory refurbished kitchen is equal to or better than buying a custom kitchen at the fraction of the cost of kitchen replacement.

What is an "Honest Antique Repair"?

I was watching one of those antique shows on TV. Someone brought in a small antique table with a portion of a leg missing for an appraisal....

Kitchen Finishing ... Lacquer Painting is a wonderful option!

Are you wanting your kitchen repainted? How you can choose a color for your kitchen cabinet refinishing project and then sit back and relax.

Is Wood Stain a Finish?

No stain is not a finish. Wood wiping stain is a colorant with a small amount of binder so that it sticks to the wood's surface under the clear top coat finish.

"How To" Table Refinishing Advise On Television

Following a home handyman's dining table refinishing advise on Television is risky, because even professional refinishers sometimes don't even get it right either.

Antiques Road Show Appraiser Recommends Refinishing Antiques to Improve Their Value

A very rare and early Gustav Stickley plate rack found in a farm house was painted white then refinished. A Christie's Auction appraiser recommends another more historically correct refinishing to increase the value another $10,000.00!

Tornado Hits Southern Indiana Leaving Damaged Homes, Family Heirlooms & Antique Furniture In It's Wake

Storm victims in Pekin, Henryville, Memphis, Marysville, Otisco and New Washington Indiana and surrounding areas are reeling from the vast damage to their homes. Some are grieving from their loss of loved ones, livestock and pets. Our condolences go to the individuals and communities effected and we hope through it all everything will come out all right. Read an eye witness report.

Dining Table Refinishing And Furniture Repair and Restoration in Louisville, Ky

Discover how some of those mysterious scratches appear. The secret may be in your refridgerator!