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Is Wood Stain a Finish?

No stain is not a finish. Wood wiping stain is a colorant with a small amount of binder so that it sticks to the wood's surface under the clear top coat finish.

Antiques Road Show Appraiser Recommends Refinishing Antiques to Improve Their Value

A very rare and early Gustav Stickley plate rack found in a farm house was painted white then refinished. A Christie's Auction appraiser recommends another more historically correct refinishing to increase the value another $10,000.00!

Wood Doctors On Leather Repair

Our Wood Doctors are required to learn all aspects of furniture repair. This includes re-upholstery, leather repair, wood restoration and finishing techniques.

Nortica Extreme All Weather Finish System VS. Primitive Polyurethanes On Wood Entry Doors

Are you tired of the `over the counter` (primitive) polyurethane finishes that make your wood entry swell, blister and peel? We have discovered the Nortica Extreme All Weather Poly that takes protective finishes of exterior doors and trim to a new level of weather resistance.