Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to some of our commonly asked questions.

  • Nortica Finish System on my door?

    Wood Doctors customer service is bar none the best in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The door only needs to be recoated when it turns from gloss to dull otherwise nothing has to be done to it other than monthly cleaning. Keep the door wiped down with Turtle Wax ICE Wash and Shine every month. Air pollution can damage the finish prematurely if not cleaned. A fully protected door needs very little upkeep and others require more. Each door finish ages differently with every situation...some doors last many years with very little maintenance. Manufacturers of custom doors warranty their doors under certain conditions. For example species of wood such as mahogany, red oak, white oak, or maple etc. Each species has different warranties. Also an 8 foot tall door requires an eight foot porch covering the door, and coverage of 8 eight foot over each side of the door or side wall protection. Other aging factors pertain to which way the door faces east or west or southwest and etc.. The average Nortica All Weather Storm Guard and Poly System customer may have a very minor spot to fix every couple years or may not need anything for up to 10 years depending on home and door design. The beauty of this system is that it usually does not have to be stripped if it needs recoating. Most doors with primitive polyurethanes require stripping every 2 to 4 years because of weathered wood and peeling and blistering finish. Our customers tell us when they use primitive paint store polyurethane's they have to sand and re-coat their doors every 4 to 6 months and they have to strip, sand and refinish every 2 or 3 years. And they will tell you the paint store poly on wood doors spends more time ugly than pretty. No one knows doors and extreme exterior finishing like the Wood Doctors. The Erickson’s are looking forward to making your home entry door beautiful again! So let us know soon. We finish and refinish doors year around.
  • Does The Wood Doctor Travel To My Area And Other Cities To Do Onsite Work?

    Yes, we do go outside of our area to do onsite work. We repair and restore any wood component, whether it is antique furniture, old or historic windows or doors, church pew refinishing and cleaning, modern furniture, one of a kind custom pieces, commercial wood doors, wooden entry doors, construction damage to new or existing wood, or fire and smoke damage, we are set up to be there onsite in short order. We have the finest onsite wood repair and restoration crew in the region. They are ready at a moment's notice to assist. If it is important and needs to be done right, call David Erickson at 502-599-0020. Touch up and repair or full restoration onsite or in shop. If you need professional help anywhere call now. Pack and Ship services available from your place to our shop.
  • We Spilled Something On Our Leather Sofa And The Color Came Off! Now What?

    Well, you don't have to throw out a perfectly good sofa or chair just because the color came off. Especially if it has just been broken in and comfortable. However, color that is missing from the surface of the leather has to be replaced. We are experienced in getting that color just right. Leather conditioners do not replace color. The DIY kits aren't much help, either. Just call David at 502-599-0020. Your leather can be restored like new. If the leather stitching has come apart, the frame has broken, the leather has faded, burned, ripped or torn; don't worry, it can all be fixed.
  • Can You Fix My Cracked Antique Headboard?

    The bed was moved for cleaning and the hook-in side rails stretched the pins on the headboard. There are now small cracks in the wood. This is the time to get this bed to Wood Doctors. If you have ignored the crack and now have chunks of wood busted off the frame, it will take a little more time to fix, but it can still be repaired. If you need new bed rails for your antique bed, we can make those too. Antique finish matching is no problem. Call David Erickson, your Furniture Repair and Restoration specialist at 502-599-0020. Repairs start at $125.00.
  • Can You Match New Oak Staircase Steps, To My Bruce Wentworth Estate Peppercorn Hardwood Floor?

    Yes! The new trend is going toward darker stains like Wentworth Estate Peppercorn finish; and, this is causing a lot of problems for painters. These darker stain colors are not available in paint stores. Paint can be matched by presenting a color chip to the home improvement or paint store. This is not so with stains. Our certified technicians have all taken stain color classes and are experienced in making custom colored stains so that their repairs show the desired depth and color of the wood. We know how to make the prettiest wood finishes to match the new types of color finishes. Painters often apply layers of oil based wiping stain on top of each other to make the wood look darker. While this technique might work for paint, with stain, it will cause the final product to loose depth and appear muddy once the clear coat is applied. Once this happens, the finish will need to be stripped off and the proper stains reapplied. Well intentioned, but inexperienced painters can ruin the whole idea of wood finishing. Call me before committing to a finishing jobs on a new home or remodel. If you are having problems after a painting contractor has committed to the finishing, then call me anyway, we are waiting to help. Get it done right call the Wood Doctors 502-599-0020.
  • What Is The Best Leather To Buy?

    If you have a dog and/or children, buy fully protected leather. Lower grade solid color leathers wear far better than the high-end aniline leathers. If you can mark it with your fingernail it is too delicate for heavy home use or commercial settings. Fully corrected leathers have a pigmented color applied to the surface of the leather to hide defects. These are easily maintained and do not tend to fade. Cuts can be repaired to near invisibility and re-dyed. Nubuck leathers are soft, but don't buy them if you ever have company or kids visiting. Repairs on Nubuck will show and are not easy to fix. Oil and Wax pulled leathers are dyed with a transparent dye. This can easily be seen if you can scratch it with your fingernails. This type of leather fades and needs more attention to maintain. Wood Doctors and Erickson's Leather Cleaning and Repair are all one happy family. Call David at 502-599-0020. Outside the metro area of Louisville, Kentucky we can arrange for onsite service, in order to save on transportation charges. All repairs, as always, are fully guaranteed.
  • My Dog Just Ate The Edge of Our Table. Can The Wood Doctor Fix It?

    Most pet damage on the legs or table edges can be repaired without stripping or refinishing. Call Wood Doctors 502-599-0020. We can do a near invisible repair. We will even give your dog a biscuit for the referral. Ninety-nine out of a hundred dogs would rather have Wood Doctors fix their damage than be sent to the pound. The other dog did not care, he was just a tramp!
  • My Kids Ripped Our Leather Sofa Back Cushions. Can You Sew The Split Seam Onsite?

    Yes! We can sew almost every seam that has come unstitched. We try to do this onsite at your home to save you money on the pick-up and delivery charges. The repairs are all 100% guaranteed. We also clean and dye upholstery leather onsite or in our shop in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Check out our before and after pictures. Call David at Erickson's Leather Cleaning and Repair 502-599-0020.
  • Can Cat Scratches Be Removed From My Leather Sofa By Rubbing In Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

    Olive oil? Sorry. Oil does not fill in the claw scratches or cuts on the surface of the leather. Erickson's Leather Cleaning and Repair specialists can fix dog and cat scratch damage. They mend and fill the damaged area then re-dye it, making it nearly invisible. Whether your leather is faded, worn or torn, we can revitalize it to a like new condition. Contact David Erickson, send your photos and let me see what we can do for you. Save the olive oil for other things!
  • Can Wood Doctors Repair a Scratch in a Wood Floor?

    Wood floors are damaged and scratched in many ways: A tool was dropped, a serviceman's machine scratched the floor, a roller skate had a stone in the roller, a nail was sticking out of the sofa leg, someone stepped on a stone or screw leaving indentations. Is there something that can be done to repair the damage instead of refinishing the entire floor again? For all kinds of damage there is one simple solution. David Erickson of Wood Doctors has developed his own very unique style of floor repair. Call him today at 502-599-0020. Discovering holes, dents and scratches in your wood floor is very disappointing. We assure our customers if it is fixable, we will do the best that can be done to make the defects go away and match the original finish. We have 100's of 100% satisfied customers and we would love to make you happy too.