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Posted: 9/24/2011

Dear David - The Wood Doctor, I would like to thank you and your two sons for the Great Job you did on my 1972 (Boston) Whaler Montauk. I bought my Boston Whaler from Osborne Marine in Jeffersonville Indiana. They told me to put it in the Ohio River and if it sank they would give me a boat of my choice. I did put it in the Ohio River, pulled the plug and filled it with water. She was truly unsinkable. So when I decided to have the wood refinished, I had to have someone I could trust, to finish the wood to the original finish - you did that and more - you finished the inside of the storage locker better than the original. I didn't expect that! This Boston Whaler is family. My wife and I have had this Whaler over half of our life - 40 years- many fishing trips and many lakes. My wife told me she found someone to finish our Whaler call the Wood Doctor - I told her anybody could call them self the wood doctor. After I talked to you and your two sons, I knew I had found someone I could trust to finish our Boston Whaler to it's original finish. I have seen your shop and the work you and your sons Joseph and John do. I highly recommend them - for any kind of wood work. You all are truly the Wood Doctors. Thank you,

User: Marion & Drewina Hurt